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Beijing Neogreen International Exhibition Co.,LTD Is a company committed to promoting China's foreign trade professional exhibition service agencies. Mainly engaged in large-scale foreign exhibition organizations, international exhibition consulting,business trip abroad, go abroad visa counseling, overseas market promotion and other international business activities, for China's foreign trade enterprises provided a bridge to the world, at the same time for domestic outstanding aspiring young provides a platform of transcending oneself.

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Beijing Neogreen International Exhibition Co.,LTD is a young,vibrant,energetic team.Athough the work is small and trivial,our confidence is still there and we'll just keep plugging away....

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    Leading international convention and exhibition business all over the world, one in Europe, America, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia successfully hosted the food and beverage, ingredients, additives, fruits and vegetables, snack food, machinery, Plastic, furniture, Packing, Oil and Sports, the exhibition lead customer participation footprint nearly 20 countries and regions throughout the five continents.

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